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PA Merrick
PA Merrick

Building Relationships

Public Affairs is the University of Miami’s primary nexus of information, outreach, and advocacy. Serving as the hub for communications, media relations, community partnerships, and engagement with local, state, and federal governments, Public Affairs develops and nurtures the internal and external relationships that advance the University’s strategic goals and broaden its service to individuals and communities.

Petition for resources and policies that support the University’s mission
Manage relationships with chambers and provide cultural, educational, and athletic opportunities for local residents

Write, edit, and design print and digital publications

Help faculty and staff stay connected to each other and the U

Work closely with government officials as academic-legislative liaison
Respond to media requests for information and faculty experts

Report on the people, programs, and achievements that are making the world a better place
Create and curate multimedia content across various platforms and respond to user comments

Strengthen the University brand and foster engagement with key initiatives

Manage the homepage and top-tier sites and assist University units with site design and development